Why documentation is continuous practice in Five9s


Why documentation is continuous practice in Five9s


Importance of Software Documentation:

  1. Clarify your business goals, requirements, and activities: With a proper documentation, you can share the business goals and requirement with your managers and teammates so that they have a clear vision and goals and the activity they perform will be more towards the success.
  2. Design and Specify your product: This comes in Architectural/Design documents and it gives you a complete overview of how your products look like.
  3. Everything is clearly explained: When you make End User documentation of the product of software, you have to explain each and everything about its working.It describes each feature of the program and assists the user in realizing these features.
  4. Anybody can work on other’s code: If you are a developer, it is not sufficient to write good codes only but you also need to take cares about the documentation part, which can be helpful to other developers while working in a team.
  5. Helpful in proper communication: A good software documentation is helpful in proper communication. The written procedure helps you to make interaction with several departments.
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